Investing in the future of your business and improving skills

Thousands of businesses are using Apprenticeships to help them grow. Whether they are recruiting new talent into their business or developing existing staff, these businesses have chosen apprenticeships to build the knowledge skills and behaviours they need to succeed.

As the Lancashire Skills Hub we are keen to support business employ and develop their people and we believe that Apprenticeships now provide a breath of opportunity to employers that has not previously been available to them.

Here are some potential results businesses have reported:-

  • £400 a month reduction on office costs
  • 20% improvement in staff retention saving £2,500 per person in recruitment
  • £90,000 added to the bottom line through better productivity

So if you are looking to recruit new people or if you want to upskill your current workforce, then an apprenticeship is one of the answers.

High quality apprenticeships are available across Lancashire in a wide variety of sectors. Lancashire providers are also offering new and exciting career paths by introducing new Higher Level Apprenticeships to meet increasing demand from businesses.

If you are looking for impartial advice then why not register for our Lancashire Skills Pledge, then an expert will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Apprenticeship funding can be used to train your existing employees

If you are currently not looking to recruit you can still use an apprenticeship programme to upskill your current employees. This opportunity is open to all businesses and age groups.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of increasing the skillset of your current workforce. They provide a mixture of learning and on-the-job training for someone you already know has the proven track record and motivation to progress in your business.

This gives you the opportunity to keep their existing skills and offers your employee the opportunity to learn new skills. This is a fantastic opportunity for managers to improve retention, increase staff morale and motivation while developing the knowledge and skills of their workforce.

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Amazing Apprenticeship Service

If you want to know more about apprenticeship this service is here to help.

They help educators, employers and students navigate the fast-changing world of apprenticeships. The positively charged, inspired team has a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors, working in and with schools, colleges and some of the world’s biggest and boldest companies. They have seen first-hand the difference that employers can make to apprentices – and that apprentices can make to their employers. That’s why they are committed to communicating a new understanding of apprenticeships – one in which everyone appreciates the huge opportunities on offer.

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The Lancashire Apprentice Ambassador Network

The aim of the Ambassador Network is to widen the understanding and benefits of apprenticeships. Rather than have representatives from the colleges and providers promoting the value of apprenticeships, we are supporting current or recently qualified apprentices to attend school events, careers fairs and employers and talk about their experience as an apprentice.

So why are businesses getting involved?

Employers are seeing the business benefits of  having an Apprentice Ambassador in their organisation, some examples are: ambassadors are able to promote your organisation and industry to the further generation; it gets your business name known in new networks; some of our Ambassadors have won prestigious awards.

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ASK Project

Are you a school that wants its young people to know more about apprenticeships? then ASK is for you. ASK Project (Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge) for schools project– has been launched to raise the awareness and prestige of quality apprenticeships in schools.

The project will deliver apprenticeship and traineeship information to young people at school. This will ensure young people are aware of all the options available to them.

The project will work with teachers, careers advisers, parents and governors, alongside other key partners, to support schools and ensure that they meet their statutory duties regarding the provision of impartial Information Advice and Guidance (IAG), specifically in relation to apprenticeships and traineeships.

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National updates and New Apprenticeship Qualifications

If you want the latest national apprenticeship information or you think that the current apprenticeships qualifications do not meet the needs of your industry then now is the time to get involved, have your say and support the writing of the new standards etc.

Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education >

The Employers’ Apprenticeship Toolkit

Thousands of businesses are using apprenticeships to help them grow.

Whether they are recruiting new talent into the business or developing existing staff, these businesses have chosen apprenticeships to build the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to succeed.

No longer just for young people, they help staff of all ages and levels progress in work. They can include degrees or chartered status and provide a valuable pathway to develop the right staff, your way – no matter what sector businesses are operating in. For further support check out our Lancashire focused toolkit.

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Support available for businesses in Lancashire includes:

Inspire an apprentice

The Lancashire Apprentice / Employer Ambassador Network is part of a county-wide drive to increase understanding and employment opportunities for apprenticeships.

Recruit an apprentice

Do you want to fill skills gaps in your organisation using apprentices? Are you looking to recruit an apprentice and need support?

Train an apprentice

Are you looking to upskill your current workforce? Did you know that apprenticeship funding can be used for any age group and can also be used for your current teams?


Looking for support with apprenticeships, funded training
or another type of skills support for your business?