Coronavirus (COVID-19): Updates

Support, tips and updates

Supporting You

We recognise that these are concerning times and that many individuals and businesses are worried about the impact that the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 is causing.

Our absolute priority is supporting individuals, employers, partners and colleagues through the effects of the pandemic in terms of immediate skills requirements and to enhance your daily lives through digital and practical skills for those working from home during these uncertain times.

Contact Us to let us know if you have, or your business has any skills needs, and we will help you to understand and access the available funded support.

Business impact guidance and help

Skills for work in a yellow speech bubble, on a blue background.
We have brought together information about support that can help you get a job, and if you are employed, help to learn new skills.
Skills Swap - find or offer your skills to help the UK effort to keep business moving and beating Covid-19.
Boost Lancashire offers unrivalled support for businesses when you #AskForHelp.
The Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership contains links to a range of free skills training and is updated regularly.
Escalate offers you and the people you support, projects which seek to achieve sustainable employment for people living or working in Lancashire.
Covid-19 UK Government Advice for business and employers.
We direct you to the very latest government advice and guidance about apprenticeships during these unprecedented times.