Coronavirus (COVID-19): Updates

Support, tips and updates

Supporting You

We recognise that these are concerning times and that many individuals and businesses are worried about the impact that the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 is causing. 

Our absolute priority is supporting individuals, employers, partners and colleagues through the effects of the pandemic in terms of immediate skills requirements and to enhance your daily lives through digital and practical skills for those working from home during these uncertain times.

Our services remain open and accessible, however the nature of our delivery is changing in response to public health advice. 

Contact Us to let us know if you have, or your business has any skills needs, and we will help you to understand and access the available funded support.

Businesses in Lancashire – As a result of the pandemic and the impact it is having on businesses, Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub ‘BOOST’ has refocused all its efforts from growth support to business resilience support #AskForHelp.

The Skills Hub are working closely with BOOST to support businesses with their skills needs, through the #AskForHelp campaign. There is a dedicated #AskForHelp team ready to assist businesses you can contact them here: 

Government advice and support for businesses and employers can be found here:

Involved in Apprenticeship Delivery in Lancashire – The Lancashire Work-Based-Learning Forum is dedicated to support all members, employers, partners, schools and other stakeholders in these unprecedented and challenging times. They provide useful information and resources for employers, current apprentices and schools leavers which can be found here:

Government advice and guidance about apprenticeships can be found here: 

Digital Skills and Homeworking

The Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership page contains links to a range of free skills training and will be updated regularly. Links to the support can be found below or visit the Partnership page. For example we have information focused on helping and supporting:

Skills Swap

We know that a number of sectors have experienced a severe downturn and other sectors need workers and assistance. We are investigating whether we can help by offering skills swaps between industries and between workers and prospective organisations. If you would like to know more, please contact or check back here soon.