Digital Skills Partnership

A collective of public, private and charity sector organisations that work together to address the digital skills needs of the County.


Introducing the first Local Digital Skills Partnership

Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) was the first area in the Country to become a Local Digital Skills Partnership trailblazer. We are now one of only six areas in the Country, supported by the government, to be in this ‘test and learn’ phase.

So much good work already happens in Lancashire to improve the digital skills landscape and the Partnership acts as a conduit to ensure greater clarity of this work across the County. It can help highlight good practice, link up services with need and can work with partners to fill gaps in provision with a view to ensuring that Lancashire becomes a digital skills hot spot with…

  • High levels of digital inclusion,
  • Successful businesses and increased productivity across all sectors
  • And a plentiful pipeline of digital skills leaving our schools, colleges and universities.

To allow partners to come together and address needs, we have established a working structure for the partnership including four groups based around the strategic framework of the Skills and Employment Hub. This includes: a steering group and 3 networking groups – one for each area of focus. See the diagram.

The more local businesses, providers, charities and other organisations we can get involved the greater the success and impact to the work of the partnership. Anyone who is interested in joining the partnership, should use the contact form below or email Kerry Harrion –

Highlights of the work so far

Future Workforce

Sixty Year 9 pupils from Blackpool secondary schools attended the Lloyds Banking Group ReDiscover event, which included 10 pupils from each of the following schools: Aspire Academy; Montgomery High School; St George’s High School St Mary’s RC Academy; South Shore Academy, and Unity Academy.

We have introduced the iDea – Duke of York Award Scheme and created a Lancashire Badge. Use the following codes to claim the Lancashire badge:

If you are 18+ – Badge Code: D1G1LANCS18UP

If you are under 18 – Badge Code: D1G1LANCS18UN


Skilled and Productive Workforce

Over 600 SMEs have received Google Garage training in a range of subjects including: digital marketing, social media strategy and data analytics. Lloyds Banking group are also helping small businesses and charities in Lancashire working with the Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership to offer a Digital KnowHow Course at The Landmark, Burnley.

Through the Partnership and working with national partner Freeformers, Blackpool and the Fylde College and Lancashire Adult Learning are running the Facebook Digital Training to residents all over Lancashire covering topics such as:

  1. Innovation: Come up with your next big idea and prototype it
  2. Social Marketing: Make the most of it for you, your career, community or business
  3. Web Presence: Make the web work for you!
  4. Cyber Security: Tips to make you safer online!
  5. AI: Artificial Intelligence and automation and how to make it work for you

Inclusive Workforce

Providers are also looking at how the iDea – Duke of York Award Scheme can be used with adult learners following a great presentation and discussion with Tracey Boffey from Wigan Local Authority at the Inclusive Workforce Networking Group.

Three new projects will soon be underway after our successful Digital Skills Innovation Fund Partnership bid. Two looking at pre-employment programmes around IT Technicians and Digital marketing and one focused on women offering them the opportunity to retrain in digital communications or enhance their job prospects with additional skills.


Digital Skills Partnership Blog

Find out more about the work of the Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership and those around the country by reading the DSP Blog.


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