Building Successful Futures

This project offers partially-funded support to boost skills in businesses. Building Successful Futures will help businesses to upskill the workforce through a wide range of different programmes.

Building Successful Futures in Lancashire will work with businesses to assess their skills gaps and then develop bespoke learning plans which meet the needs of the business. We offer a blended Learning approach to delivery, meaning the support needed can be delivered at the Local Business office, or remotely via an online platform.

There is a wide range of accredited and non-accredited programmes to choose from in sectors such as Customer Service, Adult Social Care, Team Leading, Business Administration, and Cleaning.

The programmes:

Accredited full level 2 qualifications are available alongside bespoke support.

Can be used to develop basic skills in literacy and numeracy, IT and digital skills.

Includes specialist support for businesses going through restructures and where staff are at risk of redundancy.

Include coaching support to develop both vocational and soft skills.

There are a range of accredited and non-accredited programmes to choose from at various levels. And best of all, some of the programmes only take a day or two to complete – meaning minimal impact on the business.


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What are the benefits?

  • A higher-skilled workforce
  • Addressing skills shortages, and specific skills gaps
  • Improved productivity
  • Better staff retention
  • Increased staff morale
  • Workforce development; developing skills and careers prospects
  • Succession planning

Who is it for?

Lancashire-based businesses looking to upskill their workforce.

How do I find out more and apply?

If you are looking to upskill your workforce, please contact our Team:

Call: 01228 904 095


Additional information

Building Successful Futures for Lancashire businesses and is a significant European Social Funded project that is being delivered by PHX Training.