Free GCHQ Careers event for Primary Schools

The event will be on Wednesday 16th November, 10am – 11am, on Microsoft Teams. This is an amazing opportunity for children to learn about the world that inspired the likes of our favourite spy films and series such as James Bond. As well as the more traditionally known roles in security such as spies and code breakers (Cryptographers), there are a host of other exciting jobs in security that children will gain some insight into: Intelligence Analysts, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Language Specialists and Legal Advisers to name a few.

For the activity, There will be up to four professionals from GCHQ and children will be tasked with ‘cracking the code’ by correctly matching the volunteers to the jobs they do by asking a series of ‘yes/no’ questions to gather clues e.g. Do you use special technology in your job? Do you travel a lot for your job? Do you have to work long hours? After the volunteer’s jobs are revealed, they’ll have a few minutes to talk further about their job including what they do day to day, their favourite subjects when they were in school and what they enjoy most about their job. This will be followed by a Q&A where children can ask further questions.

If you’re a Primary School teacher in Lancashire and interested, please email  with the below information. The MS Teams joining link will then be shared with your school.


Teacher Name:

Teacher Role:

Year group’s you’d like to have attend (3 – 6):

Number of children that would be tuning in (no limit, and can be broadcasted across multiple classes):

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