More Positive Together

Need to recruit staff but find it hard to find the right people with the right skills? If so then you need to tap into More Positive Together (MPT) which is uniquely placed, through our social housing partners to target unemployed people living in social housing and support them in gaining relevant skills for employment.

ESF LogoMore Positive Together is a Lancashire-wide project which will help 2250 people to improve their skills and employment prospects.

The project is led by Lancashire Sport and partners include: Adactus Housing; Blackpool Coastal Housing and Blackpool Council; Community Gateway; Great Places; Hyndburn Homes/ 1st Call; Lancaster City Council ; Progress Housing Group; Places for People; Newground /Together Housing; Regenda Homes; West Lancashire District Council. Whilst these partners will engage and support participants in the project, other partners such as Selnet, Princes Trust, Groundwork and Lancashire Sport will contribute with their expertise.

Our partners have recruited Mentors to help engage people on the project and then to work with them on a continuous basis to help them to get nearer to the workplace –  hopefully for many in to a part or full- time job. The highly skilled mentors will identify barriers to people entering the workplace and agree a plan of action. This may involve taking part in a range of interesting activities; contributing as a volunteer and help others access these activities – or gaining other skills and experience. Then moving on to the next steps of the journey to employment participants will receive help in preparing for employment, applying for jobs and finally support for once they have started in employment and beyond.

What are the benefits?

  • Assistance in finding individuals who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes which you are looking for.
  • New recruits who have already been trained in some of the basic skills you need such as health and safety; IT; customer service etc – saving costs for you.
  • New recruits who have already been trained in more specific skills – depending on their areas of interest – again saving costs
  • On- going support for individuals you employ from the More Positive Together project, through our mentoring system.
  • Improved staff retention – recruits from MPT will already have demonstrated that they have been able to stick with the programme.
  • MPT is fully funded so is no cost to your business.
  • Access to community hubs within social housing estates to engage with residents and advertise job vacancies.

Who is it for?

This project is for Lancashire businesses who want to be able to reach out to a new audience. It will engage people who, for whatever reason, have not been able to find work or who may have not considered they would be able to find it and link them with jobs which employers need to fill.

How do I find out more and apply?

To find out more about the project please visit

Alternatively, call Active Lancashire on 01772 299830 and then we will direct you to the most appropriate partner.