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The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) was the first area in the country to launch a Local Digital Skills Partnership trailblazer. We are now one of only seven areas in the Country, supported by DCMS in this ‘test and learn’ phase.

The Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership brings together public, private and charity sector organisations to address local digital skills needs. Lots of good work is already happening in Lancashire to improve the digital skills landscape and the Partnership provides co-ordination and support for the development of digital skills.  We do this by highlighting good practice and working with partners to fill gaps in provision to ensure Lancashire becomes a digital skills hot spot with:

  • High levels of digital inclusion
  • Successful businesses and increased productivity across all sectors
  • A pipeline of people with digital skills leaving our schools, colleges, universities and training providers

We have a working structure for the partnership based around the strategic framework of the Skills and Employment Hub. This includes a steering group and three networking groups – one for each area of focus—see diagram above.

We want more local businesses and partners involved to grow the success and impact of the work of the partnership.  To join and support the partnership, email Kerry Harrison – or use the link below.

Read more about the national Digital Skills Partnership and the work of all the Digital Skills Partnerships through the DCMS blog and website.


How to get involved

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Externally Funded Projects - 2019-2020

Digital Skills Innovation Fund

The Lancashire Digital Skills partnership was just one of four regions in the UK to have secured over £250,000 of investment in 2019 from the Government’s £1 million Digital Skills Innovation Fund (DSIF). The funding, from the department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), was specifically aimed at helping people underrepresented within the Lancashire digital workforce gain more sector specific skills and boost their employability.

The programme was driven by a range of grass roots initiatives including digital skills ‘bootcamps’, special events, workshops and courses. Click here to find out more about the programme.