Strategic Framework

Helping Lancashire businesses succeed, creating employment in Lancashire


The Lancashire Skills and Employment Strategic Framework 2021 Refresh informs and directs our activities.

Our Strategic Framework 2021 builds on the previous Framework which spanned 2016-2021. This framework incorporates the Local Skills Report for Lancashire, as required by the Department for Education. The Framework is underpinned by an evidence base and was developed in consultation with stakeholders including employers, schools, colleges, universities, private training providers and the third sector.

In 2021 the Skills and Employment Board agreed that the Framework should be refreshed for a one year period, recognising the unique circumstances that Lancashire and the UK in general had entered.

In line with Lancashire 2050 the Skills and Employment Hub in consultation with key stakeholders and partners are refreshing the Strategic Framework for 2023.

The refresh of the Framework will continue to be structured into 4 themes: Future Workforce, Skilled & Productive Workforce, Inclusive Workforce and An Informed Approach and articulates the skills and employment priorities for Lancashire.

Lancashire’s skills and employment objectives, outputs and outcomes are defined in the Framework and we are working in partnership with our stakeholders to achieve these.

In delivering the strategic priorities, the LEP’s Skills and Employment Board and other strategic partners also work with employers to leverage greater levels of employer engagement and investment in key areas.