Skilled and Productive Workforce

Helping employers to develop their people


Having a skilled and productive workforce is vital for our economy. Everyone in the workplace should be given the opportunity to continue to learn, develop their skills and fulfil their potential.

Our objectives within the Skilled and Productive Workforce strategic theme are:

  • Implement the Lancashire Technical Education Vision in collaboration with providers and business, increase the number of apprenticeships (including higher level and degree) across our priority sectors
  • Reskill and upskill the current workforce, with a focus on digital skills. Improve productivity by developing the digital skills of the workforce
  • Increase leadership and management and workforce planning capacity in small to medium sized enterprises
  • Work place initiatives that enable a healthy workforce, including retaining ageing workers

We want employers to use all options of training to develop and increase the skills of their staff, including available funded training and apprentice training, sign up to the Lancashire Skills Pledge, where knowledgeable professionals can contact you to discuss how these projects will benefit your business.

  • Need better trained and skilled people?
  • Looking to build competitive advantage through your team’s performance?
  • Want to retain people and build loyalty?
  • Keen to improve the productivity of your people?

We want to work with partners to give employers information and support, to enable them to make informed decisions about how to develop and increase the skills of their staff.

We can link you with projects which provide training needs analysis for employers, funded training for your staff and also projects which provide more information about apprenticeship training for your staff.

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