Lancashire Skills Pledge

How your business can benefit by investing in skills and training and contribute to the overall economic growth of Lancashire.


The Lancashire Skills Pledge provides you with one place to find out more about employer facing skills and training initiatives.  You only need to sign up and then a Pledge Partner who is an expert, will get in touch with you to help you to Pledge.  Pledging will give your business recognition for the things it does to upskill, recruit and inspire the people of Lancashire.

If you are interested please sign up now.


The Vision

Businesses have a simple way to engage and receive a quality service, making it easy to Pledge.

Being a Pledge Member is widely recognised as a commitment to inspiring and developing the skills of people living and working in Lancashire.

Businesses are proud to be a Lancashire Skills Pledge Member.


The Pledges


These are the Pledge Partners and their associated Pledges

Inspira – Give an Hour, Be an Enterprise Adviser
Lancashire Skills Hub – T Level Placements, Skills Support for the workforce, Access to Employment
Lancashire Work-Based Learning Executive Forum – Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador, Take on an Apprentice


For each Pledge you choose you have two options, and you can choose as many Pledges as you want.

Option 1 – Tell us that you’re interested in doing it.


Option 2 – Tell us you’re already doing it and provide a bit of information about what you’re doing.

So what are you waiting for? It only takes five minutes!  Sign up now


Looking for support with apprenticeships, funded training
or another type of skills support for your business?