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Introduction Information

What are Skills Bootcamps? 

Skills Bootcamps are intensive and flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector specific skills and fast track to an interview with a local employer.

Entry Requirements

The courses are open to adults aged 19 and over who are either in work, self-employed, recently unemployed or returning to work after a break.

Some Skills Bootcamps may have additional eligibility criteria.

Guaranteed Interviews

All Skills Bootcamps will offer a guaranteed interview for a job at the end.

Skills Bootcamp Prospectus for Lancashire

Details below of all the Skills Bootcamps can be found below. The Bootcamps have been group so you can find them by topic or by provider. Alternatively you can download this Prospectus which has all the details you need and refer back to it as you need – click here to read it.

Thank you to the National Careers Service (Lydia and Lauren from The Growth Company) for helping to put this prospectus together.


Bootcamps by topic

Digital Marketing Digital marketing promotes brands, products and services through social media, websites and apps. You might work with clients to create digital content and campaigns, producing regular analytics reports on their performance, and manage social platforms.
Cyber Security Cyber security involves gathering information about where threats to IT systems come from and how they work, as well as putting systems in place to prevent attacks. Protecting personal and customer data is increasingly important for many companies as we carry out more of our lives online.
Software Engineering & Coding Using a range of different coding languages such as HTML, Python, Java, SQL and C++, software engineers design, build and test computer programs for business, education and leisure services. You could work within a team to create new solutions to technical problems.
Data Analytics Data analysis has many different applications, but generally involves collecting numerical information to identify trends, create models and present results. It can be used to predict demand for products and services, analyse risk, and help organisations and government make policy decisions.
Cloud Engineering ‘Cloud computing’ refers to computing services such as servers, storage, databases and software that are delivered over the internet (‘the cloud’) rather than by traditional hardware. A cloud engineer is responsible for any technological duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance and support.
Other Courses include Digital Leadership may help people who are working in a sector where digital technology is new to your role and want to improve your skills. Professional Artistry includes asset creation and management, UI design and animations.

Bootcamps by Provider

n.b. All this information is hot off the press and will be updated as further details are made available on each bootcamp.  If a button below does not take you to another website, it is not broken. We are just waiting for the website to be produced or updated with Bootcamp information. 

A message from the Department from Education (DfE) on Skills Bootcamps

The Lifetime Skills Guarantee is a revolution in the adult education system which puts employers in the driving seat working with colleges, training providers and universities to make sure that every training course and qualification supports them to find or develop talented people of all ages to fill skills gaps. It will give adults greater flexibility to get the skills they need throughout their life and wherever they live, from free Level 3 qualifications and Skills Bootcamps, to basic skills
offers and more.

Skills Bootcamps
Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector specific skills and fast track to an interview with a local employer.

Courses are designed to support local regions and employers to fill in demand skills needs. And from today, Skills Bootcamps are expanding further helping even more adults across the country gain digital, technical and green skills. You can also encourage your existing staff to take a Skills Bootcamp, helping your business to fill skills gaps whilst also investing in retaining your people.

Find out more: courses for jobs

Free courses for jobs as part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee

As part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, adults in England who are 24 and over and do not yet have A levels or equivalent or higher qualification, can now take their first full level 3 qualification for free . This builds on the offer already available to 19 23 year olds. There are almost 400 courses available and a ll courses have been identified to help ensure good job prospects, focussing on areas where employers need skills and opening up job opportunities that can help adults earn a good wage.

Take advantage of the offer and help your staff upskill at courses for jobs

What else is available to adult learners?

Any adult can also study for their English and/or maths GCSE or a Functional Skills qualification for free if they don’t already have them. And adults with no or low digital skills can take Essential Digital Skills qualifications for free. Your employees can find a maths, English or digital skills course in your local area through the National Careers Service website:

The Skills Toolkit is also available as a resource to share with your staff. The Skills Toolkit is an online platform giving access to free, high quality digital, numeracy and employability courses to help people build up their skills, progress in work and boost job prospects. It is open to every one . The Skills Toolkit features more than 70 courses designed by leading businesses and educational institutions including Amazon Web Services, Cisco, FutureLearn , L loyds Bank, LinkedIn Learning
and Microsoft, The Open University and many more. Find out more here: theskillstoolkit