Help Young People Get Work Ready

Share your career journey and insights with young people in schools and colleges in your local community. Your unique industry knowledge and experience as someone who owns or works for a business can make a difference to the options a young person considers for their careers. You could be the person who changes the life of a young person, just by showing them what is possible.

This Pledge is to encourage employers to make a difference to the futures of young people in Lancashire.

Can you give an hour or two to Help Young People get Work Ready? we need businesses to offer an hour or more of their time to help young people prepare for the fast-changing world of work.

Businesses can help to transform a young person’s future by bringing to life different career opportunities and providing insight about the skills young people need to be work-ready and successful in the workplace.

Evidence shows that regular and meaningful engagement with employers while at school can significantly increase young people’s employment prospects and future earnings.

Employers are already engaging with thousands of young people across the country, but more employers need to come forward to work with schools and colleges for every young person to get the support they need. Activities can include interview practice, mentoring or working with a teacher to bring a lesson to life.

This Pledge emphasises the importance of tapping into the career opportunities, skills and knowledge of businesses and businesses of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to get involved.

What are the benefits?

The Help Young People get Work Ready Pledge is a great way to give something back to your community and ignite your team at the same time.

It helps give young people in your area the skills and knowledge that they need while also potentially finding new recruits for your business.

By becoming involved, you can shape the future leaders in your community.

Who is it for?

The Help Young People Get Work Ready Pledge is for businesses of all sizes to speak to a class about their sector, play a role in a business competition, carry out a mock interview or support a CV workshop.

How do I find out more and apply?

Sign up to the Lancashire Skills Pledge